July 03, 2011

Seattle Met: Game Changer

I am excited to announce that as of this month I will be illustrating a monthly feature called "Game Changers" for the Seattle Met. In the past year I have had the chance to work repeatedly for a few regular clients, and it has been great to be able to develop a familiarity with each art-directors process. I am looking forward to seeing how this new arrangement will affect the work.

This month's article looks at a new line of exercise equipment that converts a user's physical exertion into electricity which is then channeled directly onto the grid. (You can read the article here.) Here were the options I sent:

A cyclist powering his own fan

Stationary bike w/ extension cord 
Cyclist / Light Bulb Fillament

Cyclist with outlet for head

Tension Wires / Cyclist 

Human powered generator

And here is the final illustration layed out on it's page:

I just finished the illustration that will appear in next month's issue, but I will have to wait until then to share it. Stay tuned!

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Brian Taylor Illustration said...

very cool. I am in the same issue and started illustrating a regular column for them as well.