July 13, 2011

NY Times Op-Ed: Dialogue on Depression

I have an illustration in the New York Times today, alongside a letter to the editor by Warren R. Procci on the overuse of pharmaceuticals in the treatment of depression. Check out the article here for a more complete sense of the story. The art director was looking for something emotional and direct that stopped short of coming down too strongly on either side of the argument. (Illustrations for the letters section are supposed to be more even handed than the larger ones that run alongside the Op-Ed essays.) A small detail can sometimes be enough to tip the scale, as in the case of this illustration. My initial sketch was approved, but it was decided by the editors that the pill bottle should be uncapped so that the figure didn't seem like he was stuck. They were right, of course, and I made the change.

Sketch #1: In the Shadow of a Pill

Sketch #2: In the Shadow of a Pill Jar
Sketch #3: Figure in a Pill Jar

The Final Piece

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