July 25, 2011

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Dial-a-Chauffeur

This illustration was commissioned for a story in the current issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Police in China have been cracking down on drunk driving, and have inadvertently created a market for professional designated drivers (depicted below as a chauffeur/guardian angel.) You can see read the article online here. Thanks to Shawn Hasto for the great assignment!

Here were some of the sketches...

sketch 1: Crashed car with "cheers" in smoke.

sketch 2: Sleeping it off in the back seat.

sketch 3: Chauffeur holding door as passenger crawls in.

sketch 4: Drunken headlights. (Not quite a complete idea, but I liked the visual.)

sketch 5: Chauffeur/ Guardian Angel. (The one that was picked.)

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