April 05, 2010

New York Times Book Review

 Last week I had two illustration's published in the New York Times book review.  The story centers around a sinister hedge fund manager who stands to gain from engineering a financial collapse. It was an interesting challenge to make work based on something that  I hadn't actually read. Here is the second illustration which was used as a spot.

There were a few other ideas that I had for the article. Here are the sketches that I sent, including the two that were approved.

1. banker as godzilla

2. juxtaposition of banker icon with that of a terrorist
3. A variation on #2
4. Sinister backlit figure

5. Banker walking along the Thames


pete ryan said...

These pieces are great!!!

Tom said...

I think your final was excellent. Somehow with a modicum of detail you were able to convey a sinister demeanor.