March 15, 2010

Gold Rush Endpages

     I am working on a new book project based (ever so loosely) on 19th century Californian history. The narrative will follow the exploits of a fictional prospector as he seeks his fortune in a coastal wilderness. I am taking a few liberties with the specifics, (the story arch owes at least as much to  "The Goonies" as it does to "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.") The locations are based on the scenic environs of Big Sur, my home town.

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gargareats said...

I'm an art student at Cooper Union and interning at 20x200 for the summer - I am supposed to be organizing a database and started looking at your art -- I love this sort of "grid format" image, it would be awesome to see more 6x4 grids of related objects like this, they're just inordinately pleasing (to me at least!)

They'd look beautiful printed big, too.