May 15, 2009

Rocket's Red Glare (roughs)

David Peak, publisher of "Ghost Factory Magazine," has commissioned a new illustration for his upcoming novel, "Rocket's Red Glare." Here are my first sketches.

The brief calls for a city to grow off the surface of a 1983 quarter. I have worked off that idea and stuck to a pretty literal interpretation of the material.

I began with a drawing of a quarter as seen from a low angle.

Next, I created a generic city texture, trying to match the angle of the first sketch, and leaving all the detail for a later stage.

And, finally, a composite of the two images in photoshop.

Here is a slightly lighter rendering, letting the line work tell more of the story.

This is, of course, just a sketch. I will be doing a lot of tinkering with the layout of the city, adding detail and adjusting the scale of buildings relative to the quarter.
The challenge in rendering the final piece will be to make both the city, and the quarter details visible, without loosing the quick read of the image in visual clutter.

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