May 15, 2009

Logo Sketches (26 Letterpress)

My parents, ever the entrepreneurs, are in the process of self publishing a series of essays that my mother has been working on for the last few years. (In the time since I  posted this, the book has become available. Go to amazon for your copy of "Drinking from a Cold Spring" now!) Papa Birmingham tasked me with the assignment of designing a logo for their imprint: 26 Letter Press.

The following are a dozen or so variations on two initial drawings, both playing with the idea that the 2 and the 6 are actually pieces of movable type from a letter press machine.

Enjoy. . .

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Erin Lee Gafill said...

There is something film noir-ish about these . . . I always wonder, "how does he do it?" Do you see it there, in your minds eye, and then just riff on the variations?