November 26, 2012

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Domain Frontier

BusinessWeek: The Domain Fronteir
After a long break, I brought my Cintiq out of retirement this month for some personal projects I was working on. I can't remember exactly why I stopped using it, but I have been really enjoying how much easier it is to experiment with an image when you are actually seeing the picture and your drawing tool at the same time. Although it is totally possible to make super geometric work with the Cintiq, it becomes a lot easier to create fill a space with detail and use the pixels in the way you would use paint or ink. I was glad to put this into practice with this piece for Bloomberg BusinessWeek a few days ago. The story is about a new crop of domain name suffixes that have recently been made available, and the companies that are taking advantage of the new territory to buy up popular URLs in bulk. A big thanks to Shaw Hasto for the assignment!

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