September 04, 2012

52 Shades of Greed

For the past month a group of 29 illustrators under the leadership of Marc Scheff and Daniel Nyari have been working with Alternative Banking, a community group created during Occupy Wall Street, to create a deck of educational playing cards.  The deck, "52 Shades of Greed," illustrates banking practices that lead to the financial crisis, and catalogues the financiers, regulators and policy makers that were most responsible.

On September 17th (the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street) the organizers plan to hand out 1000 decks in lower Manhattan and with your help it can happen! Follow the link below to give your support (and get a deck of your own!)

Check out the complete deck here:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy a deck? If you are looking for funds, please print them up and sell them! I am good for half a dozen decks!