February 24, 2012

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Student Loans

You can find a new illustration of mine in the current issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek for a story about the effect of Student Loan Debt on the housing market. (Check out the story here to get the full scoop, or go to page 50 if you prefer to read the old fashioned way.) Thanks to art director Lee Wilson for the assignment and the great layout idea!

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Student Loans
...and here are a couple of the sketches that could have been, (and one of the sketches that was.) I expect "guy at desk" to make an appearance in the near future. 

Sketch 1: When Grad Caps Attack

Sketch 2: Cap and Chain

Sketch 3: Tipping the Scale

Sketch 4: Student Debt Sinkhole

Sketch 5: Buried in bills

Sketch 6: The Artist as a Recent Graduate


Erin Lee Gafill said...

Fabulous Chi.

Christ said...

Fabulous illustration about student loans.