November 01, 2011

Seattle Met: Nostalgia Trap

In this month's "Game Changers" column, Matthew Halverson reports on a recent class action lawsuit brought against the friend finding site The case, which ended in a 2.5 million dollar settlement, alleged that customers had been lured with false claims that their old friends had been looking for them. People would sign up only to find that no one they knew was using the service, and months later realize that the monthly fees had doubled after the initial trial period.

Yearbook photo on a fishing hook

A Class Photo in which all but one of the people are Carboard Cutouts

A High School Reunion with Decoy People
For the sketches I tried a few different ways of visualizing either: (A) the idea of using someones friends as bait, or (B) the idea of realizing that everyone with you at a reunion is a ghost/decoy/replicant/what-have-you.

Seattle Met: Classmates Class Action
 For the final illustration, we went with the "Photo on a Hook" sketch. My art director Andre Mora suggested the inclusion of a few other partial panels as well as a torn edge to help establish that this was a yearbook page. And as usual, the changes were a big improvement. Thanks Andre!

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