November 24, 2010

BBB gets a C

The AARP Magazine commissioned these illustrations for an article Kate Ashford wrote on the BBB.  The Better Business Bureau has come under scrutiny recently for unethical grading practices on it's referral site. Paying members are given a significant boost to their online rating, and critics charge that the BBB isn't capable of accurately evaluating businesses on it's newly instituted letter grading system. Check out the article here.

I generally don't use a lot of reference for my work, and this piece was no exception, but I do have to recommend an incredible little architecture book I found when I was working on this. It is called The Observer's Book of Architecture. It is about the size of a bar of soap, and it is laid out like a bird watcher's guide. Every entry gives a little history and physical description of a different architectural detail you might see walking through the city. The details are all illustrated as isolated little vignettes, and color highlighted so you know what piece they are talking about. Now I want to find a book like this on everything else. Recommendations?

ARRP Magazine | 2010 (for A and B book)

ARRP Magazine | 2010 (for C book)

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John Malta said...

Totally rad... i love this!