June 03, 2010

Summer of 2005

This is an early illustration from a new series I am working on. I will be cataloguing important events, places and objects in from different stages in my life. Eventually I there will be a written component as well. The series will serve as a sort of visual biography.

This first illustration is a diagram of the passenger seat of my first car. During the summer after graduating college spent a lot of time driving, and my Toyota became a repository for all sorts of junk. Since moving to New York I have begun to appreciate what a luxury having a vehicle is, and not just as a means of transportation. My truck was a little home that I could bring with me everywhere I went.

Photograph from a camping trip.

Beck "Sea Change"

Receipt and change from gas station.

Missing flip flop.

Old pocket knife I bought at a thrift store and thought I would use.

Year old magazine.

Map. Driver's Manual. $ 5 sunglasses

Day old soda.


Christian Castro said...

I love that graphic style you have going on. Are your pieces done completely with Illustrator?

Chi Birmingham said...

I am using flash to make these.

Chi Birmingham said...
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