October 31, 2009

Final Art for "Surface Tension"

A few weeks ago my friend David Peak asked me if I would create a new image for the cover of "Surface Tension," his full length poetry manuscript being published by BlazeVOX Press.

David had commissioned two illustrations from me previously, and once again brought an exciting visual challenge to the table. A section of "Surface Tension" explores the way our bodies become a part of the way that we define ourselves, and David had an idea for a picture of a man floating in space, deteriorating layer by layer, with constellations pulsing behind him.

After a round of preliminary sketches, I developed the final art over the course of a few days, drawing the layers seperately, ( I used a spray bottle full of FW acrylic ink for the starts ) and compositing the image on photoshop.


Keith N B said...

very nice. i've had internal hallucinations comparable to that. you've masterfully rendered a great concept by david.

Daniel Fishel said...

Very cool Chi! Though I do not see him deteriorating layer by layer, but I do see something that already has been stripped and or X-Rayed.

It's a nice image either way.

Jess said...

Nice, Chi. I agree with Fish though -- he doesn't seem to be deteriorating layer by layer as much as being through some kind of X-ray effect. Maybe that's because we can't see any physical disintegration going on?

Philip said...

Chi, this is a great image. The figure and feel work well for me. I think that because the figure is mostly upright (despite the astral background) the figure could possibly still be read as standing...or slipping. You could try turning the figure upside down or in a variety of other poses that might give an even strong sense of floating. Good work.

Chi Birmingham said...

Good Suggestions, guys! Thanks for the feedback.