June 01, 2009

Tina's of Bushwick

My beautiful wife and I recently moved from our Bushwick digs, but not before I could make this series of acrylic texture studies based on my surroundings there. A typical studio day began with a walk down Knickerbocker avenue, and a breakfast special at Tina's. Over pancakes I would make a list of subject matter based on the things I had seen, then execute them in the studio after the return trip home.

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Erin Lee Gafill said...

I used to make lists of things to paint and then sit down and paint them, composing them into one kind of interactive montage (phone ringing, basket of yarn, emily reading, clock ticking, an over-stuffed couch) then quickly draw with crayon the imaginary world all these elements might inhabit. Usually one of the nine or ten quick sketches would land and I'd take that one and re-interpret it with more care.