August 12, 2008

Bushwick Mapping Project: part two

Here are a few more diagrams from my neighborhood's many interesting intersections. For these drawings I focused my search on the streets that intersect with Myrtle a few blocks from my house. Myrtle Avenue cuts diagonally across the grid of streets that make up Bushwick, fragmenting the otherwise regular blocks into all manner of shapes.

I drew these over a course of an afternoon. When I came upon an area I wanted to record, I chose an angle that would show off the specific character of the forms, then drew from an imagined "google maps" type perspective somewhere far above and a little behind my actual position. The drawings were usually done while leaning against one of the buildings depicted in the drawings. For some of the more complicated intersections, I would have to move to a new location to finish the drawing, or even walk all the way around a block to gather the requisite structural info.

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