May 22, 2008

Bushwick Mapping Project

Since I moved to Bushwick last year I have been exploring the neighborhood on foot. With no particular system in mind I have begun to map intersections and blocks that I find particularly interesting. Bushwick has seen many economic turns, and this history is evident in the inconsistent care given to building projects over the years. The original shapes of buildings have been obscured by the incremental application of awnings and hand-painted plywood signs. Makeshift picnic shelters and chicken coops spring up in empty lots, and grow mushroom like off the base of larger buildings. Surrounded by overgrown trees, a house long since gutted by fire has become storage for the landlord's salvaged furniture and building materials.
Much of this information has not translated directly into my drawings. Instead I have focused on the arrangements of larger forms ( Buldings, Elevated Train Tracks, Moving Vans) and negative shapes ( Streets and empty lots) and looked for compositions that exemplify, and perhaps, make sense of the character that I find so appealing here.

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